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Amy's Story

Amy Lynn Kligge was born on November 6, 1976 to Bob and Denise Kligge, and big sister Kelly-Ann.  She was beautiful, smart, caring, compassionate, and incredibly talented – although she never saw herself that way.  She was an over-achiever from the day she was born, excelling as a child in school and sports, being hailed as the “son her father never had.”

Amy didn’t just play sports - she lived them.  Her motto for the game
and in life was always to “give it your all” and she rarely had time for anything less.  While in high school, Amy excelled in many sports, but
her passion was softball which she continued into her college days at
Holy Family University.  Amy chose Holy Family “because everyone
feels at home there” and Amy indeed made that her home – making wonderful friends, earning her degree, and meeting her future


Amy met Dave Vengels during her freshman year.  After a few
rounds of dating, Amy and Dave married on November 9, 2002 surrounded by nearly 300 of their closest family and friends.  For
Amy and Dave Vengels, it was the start of their happily ever after.  Together they were invincible. 


In late November 2003, still the newlywed, Amy went for a routine
check up and received the shock of her life – a diagnosis of cervical cancer.  Tough as nails Amy being true-to-form shed just a few tears
and said “let’s do what we have to do and fix it so I can get on with
my life.  Oh, and how long until I can play softball again?”  That was Amy – never doubting she would beat the disease.  


Amy faced her diagnosis with optimism and faith.  She rallied through
a hysterectomy and was back to her normal routine within weeks.  Keeping positive was her main goal, and she always looked ahead to
the future.  Amy never complained about her chemotherapy or
radiation treatments, and always tried to get through with a smile. 


Amy believed in a cure for this disease, and planned to help in the crusade by raising money and making others aware of its impact on the individual, their family and the community.  As we sent her home to God, Amy’s Fund was born to carry out Amy’s wishes, ensure her legacy would live on, and in the hopes of helping others defeat this disease.


Denise Kligge

Vice President
Kelly-Ann Kligge

Jacquelyn Dwyer

Clare Pfeil

Director at Large
Alexis Kligge

Director at Large
Tish Pitcherello

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